Charger Terra 53 C 50 KW


Charging station for fast charging with one outlet


Reliable. Safe. Cost efficient.

Charging station Terra 53 C 50 kW with CCS standard combines industry standardization with
fast charging technology to support all current and next generation vehicles thanks to open industry interfaces.


–Highway petrol/service station operators
–Busy urban areas
–Commercial fleet operators
–EV Infrastructure operators and service providers
–EV dealers and importers

Compatible car brands: BMW, Volkswagen, GM, Porsche and Audi.

Price upon request. All information you can get by calling the numbers: (+381) 11 77 04 566, (+381) 65 62 24 562 or emailing us at





Terra 53 C charging station for fast charging with one outlet

Charger station comes with Internet based Connected services that allow customers to easily connect their chargers to different software systems like back-offices, payment platfors or smart grid energy systems. This allows for remote assistance, tailored diagnostic trouble shooting and repair, and remote updates and upgrades.

Main features:

  • Charging capacity 30% – 80 % in 15 minutes
  • Designed to deliver full output power continuously
  • IEC 61000 EMC certified for industrial and residential areas (including petrol stations, retail outlets, offices, etc.)
  • Flexible interfacing with added value systems
  • Remote uptime monitoring and assistance
  • Remote update and upgrade
  • Easy to use
  • Touch screen display 8-inch
  • Graphic visualization of charging process
  • RFID authorization
  • Robust all weather stainless steel enclosure
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Low operational noise
Outlet specifications:
    • Charging standard: CCS
    • Maximum output power: 50 kW
    • Output voltage range: 50 – 500 V DC
    • Maximum output current: 125 A DC
    • Connection standard: EN6185123 / DIN 70121
    • Connector/socket type: Combo-2
    • Cable length: 3,9 m

Additional information

Weight 350 kg
Dimensions 78 x 56.5 x 190 cm


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