Charger Terra 53 CJT with triple outlet


Charging station with triple outlet for fast charging: two DC 50 kW and one AC 22 kW with type-2 socket

Reliable. Safe. Cost efficient.

Charging station Terra 53 CJT with DC and AC standards: CCS and CHAdeMO along with cable Type-2, combines industry standardization with
fast charging technology to support all current and next generation vehicles thanks to open industry interfaces.


–Highway petrol/service station operators
–Busy urban areas
–Commercial fleet operators
–EV Infrastructure operators and service providers
–EV dealers and importers

Delivery time: 3-4 weeks

Compatible car brands: BMW, Volkswagen, GM, Porsche, Audi, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Citroen, Kia, Renault, Daimler, Tesla, Smart, Mercedes, Volvo and Opel.


Price upon request. All information you can get by calling the numbers: (+381) 11 77 04 566, (+381) 65 62 24 562 or emailing us at




Charging station Terra 53 CJT with triple outlet for fast charging

Charger station comes with Internet based Connected services that allow customers to easily connect their chargers to different software systems like back-offices, payment platfors or smart grid energy systems. This allows for remote assistance, tailored diagnostic trouble shooting and repair, and remote updates and upgrades.

Main features:

    • Charging capacity 30% – 80 % in 15 minutes
    • Designed to deliver full output power continuously
    • IEC 61000 EMC certified for industrial and residential areas (including petrol stations, retail outlets, offices, etc.)
    • Flexible interfacing with added value systems
    • Remote uptime monitoring and assistance
    • Remote update and upgrade
    • Easy to use
    • Touch screen display 8-inch
    • Graphic visualization of charging process
    • RFID authorization
    • Robust all weather stainless steel enclosure
    • Quick and easy installation
    • Low operational noise
Outlet specifications:


  • Charging standard: CCS , CHAdeMO i Type 2 socket
  • Maximum output power: 50 kW for DC / 22 kW for AC
  • Output voltage range: 50 – 500 V DC / 400 V +/- 10% for AC
  • Maximum output current: 125 A DC / 32 A AC
  • Connection standard: EN6185123 / DIN 70121 / CHAdeMO 1.0 / EN61851 – 1:2010
  • Connector/socket type: Combo-2 / CHAdeMO/JEVS G105  / IEC62196 Mode-3 Type  2
  • Cable length: 3,9 m



Additional information

Weight 350 kg
Dimensions 78 x 56.5 x 190 cm


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